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Most of the time you will catch me staring off into the distance, seemingly staring at nothing. Those are the times when I'm either solving problems or creating the worlds and people of the stories I write. 

     My profession is Graphic Design but my passion is writing. I plan to take all of the worlds I have created from childhood until now and create something tangible with them. After suppressing the urge to write through my college years and even eight years afterward, I have finally returned to my happy place. The content has matured in my mind as I have in my experiences and intentions. I use the free time I get from my days off as a Graphic Design Teacher to dive into my multiple worlds and make things happen.

     I truly would appreciate it if you take the opportunity to peer inside of the windows of these creations through the pages of the fiction books I wrote and will write. Also, if you have a vision of your own, I would be glad to offer my graphic design services. Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy your stay here.

- Josh



1988     •      New Orleans, LA     •     Teacher/Designer/Writer


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